When the user registers for the services of this application, the user must provide personal real information. The purpose of this application to collect personal information is to provide users with as many personalized online services as possible. This application will adopt commonly available and commercially reasonable security technologies, procedures and measures to protect the security of users' personal data. This application does not assume any responsibility for the loss of user accounts or the leakage of user personal data caused by no fault of this application.

This application promises not to disclose or provide third parties with user registration information and non-public content stored in this application when users use network platform services. has the right to use the user's personal information in the following (including but not limited to) circumstances:

(A) When conducting related promotional activities, this application may share the user's personal information with sponsors, in these cases this application will prompt before sending user information, and the user can terminate the transmission process by not participating;

(B) This application can match user information with third-party data;

(C) This application will describe the services of to future partners, advertisers and other third parties and for other legitimate purposes by disclosing aggregate user statistics;

(D) This application will send information to users about different products and services of this application or other products and services that this application thinks users will be interested in. In addition, this application will make every effort to protect the user's information, but this application cannot guarantee or guarantee the security of any personal information, and the user shall bear the risk. For example, when a user publishes personal information that can be accessed by the public online, the user may receive messages without the user's consent; the partners of this application and third parties that can be accessed through this application are due to the characteristics and services of the application or through lottery, promotion Other third parties who know the user's personal information will carry out independent data collection and other activities. This application does not assume any responsibility for the above behavior of the user and any other third party.

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